FAVRM is a vital association that provides a network of support and professional development to volunteer management professionals throughout Florida and the Southeast. FAVRM, formerly the Florida Association of Volunteers Centers, is focused on engaging and supporting organizational leaders and volunteer resource management professionals who inspire, equip and mobilize others to take action.

We believe that connecting individuals, groups and organizations by sharing information and needs will strengthen and improve charitable giving in our community. Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice is pleased to provide information that will help to increase our communities' philanthropic resources.

HandsOn Network. Generated by Points of Light Institute. When we connect passion and action, transformation is possible. People can be transformers in their communities and the Points of Light Institute can unleash that energy and create the change we wish to see in the world. HandsOn Network is the leading business unit within the Points of Light Institute portfolio and the activating arm. It is the largest volunteer and citizen action network in the nation.

The mission of the Sarasota County Contracted Human Services Program is to enhance the community's capacity to meet established human services outcomes through programs and services which build strong children, youth, adults, and families, empower people to be independent, self-sufficient, and responsible citizens, and support to people in crisis.

We are a community foundation serving Sarasota County with the Manatee Community Foundation and the Lakewood Ranch Community Fund as supporting organizations. Founded in 1979 by the Southwest Florida Estate Planning Council, our mission is providing stewardship to our communities, enabling caring people and organizations to increase their ability to serve, For Good. For Ever. We administer more than 640 charitable funds that support the passions of our donors, across a wide spectrum of causes. Among them are: education, health, human services, animal welfare and the environment. Our Nonprofit Resource Center is the resource local nonprofits trust for guidance in building strong, successful organizations. Each year, we make a positive impact on important community issues and needs by distributing grants and scholarships that have totaled more than $60 million since 1987.

Volunteer Florida believes that strengthening Florida's communities through volunteerism and service is not just a mission statement; its a way of life. Now, more than ever, Floridians of all ages are ready to answer the call and lend a hand in their local communities. Our 25 Governor appointed Commissioners lead the way for Volunteer Florida by helping to develop, promote and implement volunteerism and service throughout the state. Because of their hard work and the dedication of our partners, Floridians are stepping up to the plate and volunteerism is on the rise. Volunteer Centers across the state serve as a focal point in local communities. These Centers give citizens access to volunteer opportunities in their loca l area. Volunteer Florida partners with these Centers and provides extensive training for AmeriCorps and national service participants, community volunteers, and volunteer program staff and directors. Volunteer Florida strives to help every Floridian answer the President's Call to Service by providing a way for them to dig in and get their hands dirty. Volunteers change lives and SO CAN YOU! Get involved to make your community and Florida a better place to live.

For more information contact [email protected]g or 941-953-5965.

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