Thinking about Becoming a Volunteer?

While volunteering is fun and rewarding, it also clearly benefits our local community and enables volunteers to learn new skills, stay active and make friends. Whether you are an individual (teen to retirees included), a business or a group you have talents and skills that others need.

Opportunities Range from Volunteering in a Hospital to Animal Care, Mentoring Children & Adults & Even Helping with the Environment. Volunteering can be a group effort or a personal gesture in any community. It can include going around door to door collecting donations for a good cause, planting trees, caring for an elderly neighbor, or stocking up on supplies in case a disaster comes to your town.

If You are not sure where to start, checking with local hospitals, churches, schools, animal shelters can be a good place to start. They can give ideas about something you can do or offer suggestions about who else to ask. Look for opportunities that include something you are already good at & consider other ideas for something that you would like to try a new skill too.