Volunteering as a Business

After you have a good group of volunteers who are committed to helping, you may want to consider setting it up as a non-profit organization.

Creating a Non-Profit will allow you to take donations giving your volunteers more resources to work with. You can decide on a name for your organization and create a website about your work. Donations can be used to start a food bank, fill shoe boxes at Christmas time or any number of things you have not thought of yet.

Once your Organization is up and running, you can think about documenting what your volunteers are doing. Sharing your ideas and projects with pictures on your website will go along way to getting the word out. As a non-profit, you can create a mailing list and request donations to fund your projects too.

Asking the volunteers to hand out wallet sized pocket cards when doing home visits is another great way to get the word out about what you do. Pocket cards can be custom printed to include prayers, your group’s message or even explain how they can get involved and help. The volunteers name and phone number can be written on the back side for future reference making it easy for you to be contacted if they think of someone else who could use help.

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