Resources for Volunteering

Volunteering can be fun way to share a message of love. It can also inspire the people you meet to “Pass it On” or “Pay it Forward”. You many find as you build connections in your community that you need a way to network with others so your efforts can grow. There are many ways to turn your volunteering into a group effort.

Starting a Meetup or Church Group is a good place to get together with like minded people who would like to help. Meetings can be used to share ideas about helping in your community and allow you to see what resources are available too.

Each volunteer has different goals and can offer different skills. Some may only prefer to visit those in need while others might have the time to drive them to an appointment. Bringing children when visiting can often make a home bound persons day. Teens can be encouraged to sweep a sidewalk or wash a window for someone who is unable to. The point is that everyone can do something, even if small that can be a blessing in someones life.

Including young people by bringing them along and encouraging them to think of other nice ways to help is a good way to create a giving heart. The hope is that they will come up with there own ideas and take action in simple ways to help those in need.

If you have a meeting, make a list. Ask everyone what they can do which will include anything from printing flyers, making or donating food, cleaning, organizing, or even watching kids for the volunteers themselves. Some volunteers may only want to work with cancer patients or the disabled…the point is there are no rules and there should be no pressure.

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