Helping the Homeless People

Helping the Homeless

Helping the Homeless – A Great Place to Start!

So Your Thinking about Volunteering & Not Sure where Your Focus Should be?

Homeless people are in our communities in a much bigger way than ever these days. Large cities often have designated areas where the homeless are known to congregate. Many of us don’t know what we can do but Helping the Homeless is needed and a perfect way to volunteer.

The homeless often find themselves in this position due to a crisis in their lives such as a recent job loss or divorce. Most people in the USA are only a few months away from such an event themselves & if they have no place to go when their income stops, they could become homeless as well.

Having no money can lead to car repossessions & even home foreclosures pretty quickly. Food stamps & unemployment rarely covers even a small portion of the mortgage or current bills & it is almost impossible to get a job if you have no transportation or gas to get there.

The homeless are not so different from us. They face the same challenges in a fast paced society that will not wait if we get behind. There are many reasons why homelessness occurs which can include poor financial planning, mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction, court orders, wage garnishments, etc. The struggle to survive can be daunting depending on one’s circumstances & often the reason a person decides to just quit.

If you are interested in helping the homeless, visit a local shelter or food bank for ideas on what you can do. If you see the homeless on your commute to work or in a nearby neighborhood, think about how you could help them personally. Dropping off a sandwich at lunch time or offering a book can be a simple way to connect with them & hear their story. Your Focus should be to encourage them, offer hope & show them respect as a human being.

If you prefer not to interact directly, a simple act of kindness is still important & can be done in secret too. Get creative & look for opportunities that open up before you as they most certainly will. Think of yourself as a servant or angel that wants to put a blessing in someone’s life & watch excitedly as the opportunities begin to reveal themselves.

2 thoughts on “Helping the Homeless People

  1. Hello my name is Canira Wainwright and I wanted to see if I can help volunteer. Helping the homeless is very important issue to me and I believe I can be a great help try to stop it in our community.

  2. Thanks Canira…your willingness to help shows your kind heart! Please check with Local Shelters, Food Banks, Churches, etc in your local area to see where the greatest need is…(0:

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