National Gift Giving Day – Oct 15th

October 15th is National Gift Giving Day  – A single day assigned to encouraging special acts of kindness. Volunteering is a good way to share the gift of helping and it doesn’t cost any money.

Giving Hands that Vounteer

Today would be a great day to consider how you could help in your local community. To do something personal, take a few minutes to ponder who might be a good person to gift to.

Everyone has neighbors and friends who may be struggli

Everyone has neighbors and friends who may be struggling financially or have extra responsibilities. Try offering your time to help in some way to lighten their load. An act of kindness can be a great way to become a better neighbor and make new friends.

National gift giving day is a fun way to look around, find a need and fulfill it. This is the perfect definition of being a volunteer.

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