Visiting the Sick ? – Bring Herbal Tea

Bringing a Gift to the homebound is a wonderful way to focus on if you are looking for a way to volunteer. Many of us know of someone who has found themselves alone during the day longing  for anyone to stop by and to share a few hours of their day.

We often think of the elderly & certainly, they would adore a visit but also don’t forget the friend or neighbor who is disabled or someone who is facing a medical crisis. Making an effort to visit others in need of companionship can be a great ministry for any volunteer who would like to use their life to be an encourager.

This is a ministry that can be shared too. Ask a few friends to come along or take turns. More is better & laughter is good medicine for anyone facing challenges with being alone or experiencing their golden years.

A Great way to show you care is by bringing something from your garden including veggies, fruits or even flowers. Your ministry can be enhanced months before by planting some seeds in your yard specifically with the plan to share something later.

Everyone loves a gift & even if you are not able to garden, you can bring tea or homemade brownies or anything that gives your gift that special touch. Elderly Ladies love tea & love to chat. A Great Source I use for Herbal Teas, Cocoa & other bulk spices is BulkHerbsandSpice.Com.

They have a wonderful selection of Healing Herbs & Teas, Homemade Soaps & Even Seeds. I have been a happy customer for at least 15 years & really love the seeds and personal touch that give to every order.

Volunteering is a little like being a nurse or care giver. You share your heart & time but the reward is really yours because you get to go home happy. As you go about your day, you will find yourself thinking about your conversations & feeling good about something you learned. Visiting the Sick, Elderly or Someone who is struggling often brings more blessing to you too so if you are looking for a good volunteering opportunity, this one’s for You….Go Bless!