Poll Watchers & Political Volunteers !

A Big Thank You Goes Out to All the Poll Watchers & Political Volunteers who Spent Many Hours on Election Day Offering their Time to Help this Year.

My Dad was a Poll Watcher in Nassau, NY for Many Years so I Know that it was a Full Day Spent at the Polling Place Greeting Voters, Answering Questions, & Offering Rides if Needed.

If You are Looking for a Volunteering Opportunity, Consider Offering Your Time in the Political Arena. It is a lot of Fun, Often Exciting & You will have a Full Year to Get Involved.

If You are Unsure How to Sign Up, Contact Your Local Polling Place who can Point You in the Right Direction or Call a Nearby Republican, Democratic or Party Affiliate for More Info.

Most Political Groups have Meetings & Fundraisers through Out the Year so Watch Your Local Newspapers for Upcoming Events to Ask them How You can Help.


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