Benefits of Volunteering

The Many Wonderful Benefits of Volunteering

There has aways been a great need for volunteers to get involved in their local communities. Besides the simple act of helping someone who can truly benefit, we cannot overlook the fact that helping others brings personal benefits to, not only the receiver but  the volunteer well. Check Out the video below if you are interested in getting involved to see all the reasons why volunteering is actually good for you too.

Main Benefits of Volunteering:

The main benefit of helping others is very fulfilling & feels fun. Not only does it benefit the community but it can enhance your social life and boost your self-esteem and confidence. Volunteers often mention that they have a sense of pride & accomplishment after a good day of group projects . Plus if you haven’t heard, it is now being said that volunteering may even actually have health benefits as well.

Health Benefits of Volunteering:

If you haven’t heard yet, being a volunteer may include physical benefits too. Studies are showing that among people who make an effort to help others on a regular basis may actually have less heart disease, a decrease in chronic pain and lower mortality rates.

Social Benefits of Volunteering:

But I would still say that the most important benefit of volunteer work…and the biggest reason for why anyone does it is because of the friendships that are created along the way. Getting involved causes  special bonds to be formed and encourages building new relationships both among the helpers & receivers that come together as a group to get things done.

Volunteering can open you up to new ideas & new ways of doing things. It improves your outlook on life & gives you a focus and satisfaction that cannot be gotten any other way. Instead of aimlessly moving through your day, you now have a plan and something to do that is bigger than yourself.

Educational Benefits of Volunteering:

The educational benefits should also include work related benefits since these often go hand in hand. Not only does volunteer work look good on your resume but it is often required when applying to colleges. When you join volunteer groups locally, you learn new skills which are often a valuable bonus to employers who are looking to hire people with leadership experience. Taking the time to help others shows an effort towards a good work-life balance and puts you above the rest when applying for a new job. If you are trying to get hired by a good company, volunteering can go a long way to impressing the person who may quite possibly decide your future.

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