Attention Non-profit Organizations

If you need volunteers for a special event, training for your staff or consulting services, our staff is available to provide these resources.

Whether your organization is established or emerging, and whether you need help for a day or ongoing,     Volunteer Community Connections can assist you with these requirements. 

Not one of our affiliates?

Click the Memorandum of Understanding below to sign up.

Memorandum Of Understanding

Or contact [email protected] or 941-953-5965 for more information on how your organization can benefit from partnering with   Volunteer Community Connections.    


Volunteer Recruitment and Referral

We match volunteers with the skill set necessary for your organization.

Corporate Volunteer Services

We attract businesses/corporations who will in turn will be attracted to your organization.

Disaster Preparedness and Volunteer Recruitment Center Management

We provide resources to train your volunteer and employees in the event of a disaster.

Non-profit Training and Support

We provide workshops designed to provide program managers to become more effective in their assigned tasks/roles


We provide opportunities to volunteers within walking walking distance of one of the eight (8) local libraries.


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